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Two Full Days Of Divorce Experts Showing You How To Handle All The Details And Giving You Practical Guidance and Tips That You Can Use Right Away


Hey, friend.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the money, the questions, and the whole divorce process?
Do you feel isolated and misunderstood by those around you as you start and navigate your divorce process?
Are you unsure of yourself and what to do during negotiations of settlements and custody agreements?
How would you feel if you had the information you actually need instead of theoretical answers?

Meet Your Divorce Guides

We lived it, so we get it.

We help people just like you get through their divorces AND build thriving lives after divorce with their finances intact, money found, and agreements that work for them and their kids. This is because we educate them and help them understand the legal process and their options. Whether you’re considering separation or already in the process of divorce, we can help you

While everyone's divorce is different, we created this free event to be your guides and help you find your way through your divorce journey.

Featuring some of the most influential divorce experts in the industry

Hear from the Experts


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Erin Levine

The FYI on DIY Divorce: Simplifying the Legal Process with Online Support

Lawyer, Founder of Hello Divorce

Tracy Moore-Grant

Avoiding Court in Your Divorce

Founder of the Amicable Divorce Network

Leah Marie Mazur

Recovering From Your Divorce

Certified Divorce Recovery Coach for Women, Founder of Mindfully Ready, LLC

Michelle Dempsey-Multack

How to Truly Win Your Divorce and Platinum Pass Live Panelist

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Certified Divorce and Co-Parenting Specialist

Barbara Majeski

How To Be Single and Have the Time of Your Life

CEO & Founder of the More Life Collective

Naseema McElroy

The Bounce Back: How to Get Back on Your Feet Financially After a Separation

Author and the Founder of Financially Intentional

Joe Saul-Sehy

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: Protect Your Money

Award-Winning Podcast Host, Best-Selling Author

Tracy Malone

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: How to WIN Your Divorce From a Narcissist

Author, Speaker, Educator, and International Emotional Resilience Coach

Kate Anthony

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: How to WIN Your Divorce From a Narcissist

Podcast Host, Divorce Coach at Divorce Survival Guide

Jen Hemphill

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: Protect Your Money

Podcast Host, AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), Author, Speaker

Rhonda Noordyk

Checkmate! Discover Your Next Best Financial Move

Podcast Host, CDFA®, Founder of The Women's Financial Wellness Center

Karen McMahon

How to Get Off The Fence and Leave Your Toxic Marriage

Podcast Host, Author, Creator of JBD’s Exclusive Accelerated Divorce Recovery Program

Jill Schlesinger

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: Protect Your Money

Emmy Award and Gracie Award Winning Business Analyst for CBS News

Suzanne Lucas

Finding Your Footing: Navigating the Job Market After a Divorce and a Career Gap

The Evil HR Lady

Lisa Johnson

High Conflict Divorce and Legal Abuse: How to Stay Sane Under Insane Circumstances

Co-Founder of Been There Got Out

Tracy Coenen

Platinum Pass Bonus Session: Finding Hidden Money in Your Divorce

Forensic Accountant, Best-Selling Author, and Creator of the Divorce Money Guide

Dennis Vetrano Jr.

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: What You Can Control In Your Divorce (and Life)

Podcast Host, Certified Divorce Mediator

Andrea Vacca

Collaborative Divorce

Founder of Vacca Family Law Group, Author, Podcast Host

Rob Roseman

Platinum Pass Bonus Session: Divorce Confessions

Former Las Vegas Poker Pro, Founder of WTF Divorce

Kimberly A. Cook

Don't Let Your Divorce Bankrupt You: Save Money on Legal Fees

Divorce & Family Attorney, Certified Mediator, Divorce Coach, Founder of Grown Girl Divorce

Rebecca Stern

The Divorce Roadmap: Do Your Homework

Divorce & Family Mediator and Founder of Pearl Mediation

Jennifer Warren Medwin

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: What You Can Control In Your Divorce (and Life)

Certified Divorce Coach, Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator

Jessica Klingbaum & T.H. Irwin

Divorce etc… What We Wish We Knew

Co-Founders of exEXPERTS

Jody Bruns

Should I Keep the House: Divorce Mortgage Planning

President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association


Joseph Willmore

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: How to WIN Your Divorce From a Narcissist

Divorce Lawyer


Susan Guthrie

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Getting a Divorce

Family Law Attorney, Podcast Host, and Co-Founder of the Mosten Guthrie Academy


Karen Chellew & Catherine Shanahan

Platinum Pass Bonus Session: Becoming the CEO of Your Divorce

Legal Liaison & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


Michael Daniels

Co-Parenting Communication Simplified

Creator of FAYR


Sara Corcoran

Custody and Parenting Time

Corcoran Family Law Group


Jay Skibbens

Platinum Pass Live Panelist: Co-Parenting for the WIN: What You Must Know for Success

Former Teacher & Social Worker turned Co-Parenting Coach


Bradley Richardson

Winning at Divorce Like an Advanced Adult and Platinum Pass Live Panelist

Coach, Speaker, Author


Ruth Kim

Choosing The Litigation Option

Family Law Attorney


Christina McGhee

Live Panelist: Co-Parenting for the WIN: What You Must Know for Success

Divorce-Parenting Expert


Grace Casper

What a Child of Divorce Wants You to Know

Author & Podcaster


Scott Orr

Hiring the Right Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer


Jennifer Hurvitz

Platinum Pass Bonus Session: Dating During Divorce

Podcast Host, Dating Coach, & Relationship Expert


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We will arm you with the tools, direction, and the path you need to move forward.

Everyone’s journey through divorce is different, but we can help you find your way. These sessions will provide you with the clarity, support, and actionable information that you need to make informed decisions as you navigate your divorce.

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Now you're probably saying...

"That sounds great, but what exactly will I get from this online event?"

We are so glad you asked!

Here's a peek into what we will be covering at Win Your Divorce.

01. Negotiations, settlements, and custody agreements

02. Co-parenting with a narcissist

03. Saving money on legal fees

04. Fraud and finding hidden money

05. The types of divorce available to you

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03. Watch Whenever You Want

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04. Gain Clarity

And finally! You're on your way to get the tools, confidence, and control you need to move forward. 

It is time to take action.

Meet Your Hosts and Divorce Mentors

Fraud Coach

Tracy Coenen

Tracy Coenen is a CPA and forensic accountant who has helped hundreds of people navigate the financial part of divorce. She focuses on finding hidden money and assets.

Tracy’s work has been featured on CNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, as well as in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Business Journal.

Whether you have suspicions about what has happened to your family's money, or you simply need guidance on where to start to understand your family's finances, Tracy is here for you. She'll help you identify the red flags of financial fraud and show you how to track down the money so you can get your fair share in the divorce.

Learn More About Fraud Coach


T.H. Irwin & Jessica Klingbaum

We are two best friends who got divorced at the exact same time…and although we had completely different experiences, we were lucky to have each other through it all. Rising from the lack of resources, support and information during our separate journeys, along with the desire to help others maneuver through the process, we created the exEXPERTS online community. We are your reality check! We are an honest, encouraging and positive space for everyone in any stage of divorce, and our mission is to empower, educate and support anyone going through it. There isn’t a right way to divorce, but the exEXPERTS can help you find your way.

Above all else, exEXPERTS provides reliable, no-nonsense professional resources to help guide you through your divorce. As soon as the thought of uncoupling brings a tear (or a twinkle) in your eye, right up until the pen hits the divorce papers and beyond, our community provides instant access to critical information when you need it most. It’s simple to navigate, easy to understand and created especially for you by us, the exEXPERTS!

Learn More About exEXPERTS

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➕ Clear the clutter of the internet and gain clarity on your next steps forward.

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Reduce your fear and increase your knowledge about what it takes to come out of your divorce a winner.

Learn how to handle your finances, paperwork, relationships, and understand all your options with Win Your Divorce! 

Join the experts and navigate the road of divorce with confidence and clarity. 

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