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Resolve money conflicts in your relationship and power up your financial position with knowledge. 
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Find Me the Money is about discovering, protecting and keeping your money as you go through all of the dynamics of family relationships, but especially through divorce. It features forensic accountant Tracy Coenen, who helps people going through messy divorces gain the financial clarity to confidently handle the process. She will help you resolve money conflicts in your relationship and power up your financial position with knowledge.


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The Divorce Money Guide

This Is Your Playbook To Discover Hidden Money & Assets

This guide will provide the exact action steps to find out exactly what your money was spent on and uncover hidden financial fraud in your marriage. It’s designed to offer you peace of mind and detailed instruction of everything you need to figure out what's rightfully yours. Tracy makes going through this difficult time less frustrating as she puts you in the driver's seat.

That's right. Go from stressed and left in the dark to confidently taking back control.  
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Meet your host, Tracy Coenen


Tracy Coenen is a nationally recognized CPA and forensic accountant. She focuses on finding hidden money in divorce cases.

Tracy’s work has been featured on CNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, as well as in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Business Journal.

Tracy Coenen teaches people how to look for red flags so they can be proactive instead of reactive.

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