Making Ends Meet After Divorce

Nov 06, 2023

One of the most common fears women have during divorce is whether they’ll be able to make ends meet after divorce. You’re worried about whether you’ll be able to keep the family home, or afford rent in this crazy housing market. You wonder how your bills are going to be paid, especially if you’re relying on child support or spousal support, and you have a sketchy ex. Are your kids going to have the things they need? Can they stay in their sports and other extracurriculars, or is your ex going to fight paying for part of the fees?

As you adjust to your new normal you may need help navigating your new financial life. Learning to budget and use your money wisely is crucial to managing finances after divorce. I have helped hundreds of women navigate difficult divorces and post-divorce life. I want to tell you that you can do this, you can make it through, and perhaps find yourself in an even better place on the other side.

So how are you going to “get it together” financially during and after your divorce? Start by thinking about your sources of income and what you can do to increase them. Make sure you’re thinking about:

  • A possible second source of income - This will be tough if you have kids. But think about whether it’s possible to have a second part-time job or some sort of side hustle. Maybe you can make a little extra money by selling a product or service that you make or provide… turn something that’s a hobby into a little extra money for your family.
  • Child support and spousal support - Look at your state’s guidelines regarding support payments, and calculate an estimate of how much you should be receiving (or paying, if you are the higher income earner). Although you won’t know for sure how much you’ll get until after your divorce is final, it’s good to have an idea of where you’ll stand. If you’re 
  • Retirement account distributions and Social Security benefits - If you’re close to retirement or in retirement, it’s important to think about these sources of income and see how much you can expect to get each month. Check out this article about getting all of the Social Security benefits you’re entitled to.

You may be overwhelmed at the thought of managing your finances after divorce, which is why I created the Post-Divorce Money Guide. It is a resource to help you protect yourself financially and ensure that your ex can never meddle with your money again. You can ensure that he won’t run up debts in your name or get his hands on your money without your permission.

The Guide gives you video tutorials, worksheets, and checklists so you can secure your finances and make the legal moves you need to make to protect yourself. Most importantly, I help you with your post-divorce budget so you can get your finances in order and make a plan to afford your lifestyle. 

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