Do-It-Yourself Forensic Accounting in Divorce

after divorce Nov 08, 2022

Is do-it-yourself forensic accounting even possible in a divorce case? You bet it is!

Every year, about 700,000 divorces are filed in the United States. And 95% of those going through divorce can't afford to hire a forensic accountant to help them figure out if money is missing. What are they supposed to do?

Your divorce lawyer will probably say that if you're suspicious about how your souse handled the money, you'll have to hire a forensic accountant to do a fraud investigation. And if you can't afford a forensic accountant, then you have no other options.

That answer wasn't good enough for me, so I created the Divorce Money Guide to give people OPTIONS.

You deserve to know more about the money. You have a right to understand exactly what your family's money was spent on. You should NOT settled your divorce without having information on your finances and what your spouse did with the money.

The Divorce Money Guide is here to help! I walk you through a very simple process that just about anyone can do... even if they're not good with numbers. I will help you get the information you need about your money. We'll walk through:

  • What the financial discovery part of your divorce will entail (what documents you need, what will be expected of you, the fancy legal terms that they'll use)
  • What specific financial documents will help you get to the bottom of where your money went
  • How to get those documents, so you know exactly where to look and what to ask for
  • What to look for in those documents to find out what your money was spent on and figure out how much money is missing

I'm so honored to provide this resource to you to help you come out of your divorce with your finances intact.

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