Episode 29:

Becoming Financially Independent After Divorce

with Alison Jacobson


Show Notes

When you’re a midlife woman, divorce is especially financially devastating. Facing retirement with a fraction of the funds you were planning for can be frightening. Alison Jacobson works with midlife women because she recognized their unique needs and is a wealth of knowledge and strategies for them. She’s experienced a lot as a midlife woman herself: divorce, the death of her child, a child with an intellectual disability, and her second husband’s rapid physical decline due to Primary Progressive MS.

In this episode, Alison and Tracy talk about what you can do if you’re starting over after divorce and you’re close to retirement or in retirement. Alison will help you know what you need to start doing with your money, from understanding your finances to planning for the future. We’ve got some great action steps for our listeners today. And if you want to continue learning more, you can find Alison here:

Instagram - @_alisonjacobson
Youtube - @AlisonJacobson

For inspiration, get her book Daily Inspirations for Midlife Women – A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence and Abundance  

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